The Pensione Hotel in the Melbourne CBD

by admin on September 29, 2011

Pensione Hotel Melbourne
16 Spencer St., Melbourne 3000, Australia

Good location; accessible to transportation
Cheaper internet access than other hotels

Ridiculously small room and bathroom

I visited a friend in Melbourne last June and I was supposed to go back home on the same day when my friend asked me to join her in a party that she was attending that evening. She didn’t have extra space in her apartment so she helped me look for a hotel that is within her budget (she insisted to pay for it) and came across Pensione. The hotel was a 4-minute walk from the Southern Cross Station which was also my departure point the following morning. The room that she rented for me was unbelievably small but I didn’t want to offend her so I kept my mouth shut at that time. I upgraded the room to a standard double when she went home thinking that would give me more room but to my amazement, I couldn’t notice the difference. The bathroom was also outrageously small. I got my legs cramped having had to sit sideways on the toilet. The shower did not have a shower screen and I could not use the sink because the water kept splashing onto the floor and flooded the entire bathroom. It was a good thing that I was out for the rest of the evening because the water had enough time to subside without making my head explode. I guess that is what is meant by the saying that “you only get what you pay for”.

To be fair to the hotel, the bed was actually comfortable and clean. The room had a nice big flat screen TV. There was also no free WiFi but internet access was more reasonably priced than the more popular and high-class hotels.

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