Clarion Suites-Melbourne CBD

by admin on September 24, 2011

Clarion Suites Gateway
1 William St., Melbourne 3000, Australia

Convenient location
Large rooms
Friendly staff
Free voucher if you submit the feedback form

Small bathroom

My husband has been working in Melbourne for 8 months already and since then he hasn’t stayed home longer than for a couple of days. I miss him so much so I decided to give him a little surprise by coming over to Melbourne with our two year old daughter last month. I asked his colleague which hotel was nearest to their office and he recommended Clarion Suites Gateway. I was so excited to meet my husband that I booked myself at Clarion without research or looking at the amenities, etc. Thankfully it was a great hotel in a prime location and with very friendly and efficient customer service.

Check-in was very smooth. Friendly faces greeted us as we arrived. I got a one-bedroom suite for me and my daughter. It had a fabulous view of the Yarra river which little Shanyssa enjoyed. I actually thought the room was too big but when Shanyssa started playing, I was grateful it had ample space for her to move around. I just had to watch her closely and prevent her from getting anywhere near the washer/dryer and the mini-kitchen. The size of the room however, is not proportionate to the size of the bathroom. I felt really squeezed in especially when I gave Shanyssa a bath the following morning. Otherwise, I loved Clarion’s amenities and customer service; not to mention the $5o voucher that I got for accomplishing their feedback form.

The hotel is in the middle of the Melbourne CBD and is very convenient to most shops, restaurants and tourist destinations. My husband’s office was within a 5-minute walk and we dropped by there as soon as we checked in. He was happily surprised. Speechless as he was, he immediately retired from work, treated us to room service and stayed with us for the entire duration of our visit. From his reaction and with our experience at Clarion, there is a great possibility that I would do that again.

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