CBD Bars

If you are looking for the best nightlife all over Australia, then Melbourne CBD is the right place to be! Home not only to Australia’s brilliant architecture and economic zones but also to the best pubs, bars and club scenes, Melbourne CBD offers business and leisure tourists and travelers the best of both business and pleasure!

Melbourne city’s avenues and boulevards come to life with the pumping lights and sounds from the various bars and club houses in the area. You can choose to have a quick drink alone or with friends at the wine bars and executive lounges that play jazz and blues music along Bennetts Lane; or you can engage in non-stop dancing and partying and meet new people in the electrifying club scene along Little Collins Street. Gather all your energies as you would not want to miss out the fun and the parties in Melbourne CBD!

Below are some of the favorite bars and pubs in Melbourne CBD.

  • 1806 – This bar is all about the best cocktails in history. It has the finest collection of cocktail shakers with at least one drink for every decade since 1806.
  • 24 moons – This bar is a hidden sanctuary located at the bottom of the AC/DC lane. The perfect venue to unwind and relax after a busy day at work, 24 moons boasts of its series of 24 cocktails for every phase of the moon.
  • Alumbra at Central Pier – Located at the end of Central Pier, Alumbra features an all glass dance floor and a magnificent view of the Victoria harbour.
  • Aria Bar and Lounge – A stylish meeting place ideal for both formal and informal meetings and gatherings, Aria Bar and Lounge does not only offer choice wines and cocktails but also a robust selection of aromatic teas and designer coffee blends.

Aside from wines and cocktails, Melbourne CBD’s bars and pubs also serve the best of local and imported beers as well as standard restaurant food for those who want to dine. Melbourne people practice a culture of late night drinking so you are guaranteed to have a drink even at 2am.

The best bars in Melbourne CBD can be very hard to find and are often exclusive to bar members. There are still a lot of bars, however, that are located along the streets open for your late night gimmicks and escapades. So whether you are a resident or new to Melbourne CBD, you are sure to have the greatest night of your lives!