CBD Restaurants

Considered as one of the best culinary destinations in the world, Melbourne CBD offers an assortment of authentic world-class cuisines served in high quality restaurants at an affordable price.

Tourists can enjoy superb food from local eateries scattered throughout all of the inner and outer suburbs. There you can find numerous restaurants and cafes representing different cultures and countries whereas certain areas within the CBD are popular for their specialty restaurants as a result of the nationality of majority of their residents.

Southbank and Carlton restaurants mostly serve Italian food and delicacies. Victoria Street, Docklands, South Yarra and Prahran, on the other hand, offer many popular Vietnamese and South East Asian restaurants that fit your budget.

If you are craving for something Lebanese, Greek or Turkish, Sydney Road in Brunswick and Coburg are the places to be. These places are known for its genuine Middle Eastern restaurants. For a mix of just about everything, drop by the tourist area of St Kilda, particularly on Acland and Fitzroy Streets, for a wide array of good quality restaurants and cafes.

When you happen to be near the bayside areas, you should try out their English-style fish and chip shops. Souvlaki and gyros are also very popular in Melbourne as well as Japanese nori rolls and sushi.

African cafes are located in Nicholson St, Footscray and Racecourse Road, Flemington.

The Abyssinian, a famous Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant, gives locals and tourists a unique kind of dining experience where stewed food items are served on a large pancake in the middle of the table and everyone is required to eat with their hands! It might turn out to be very messy but absolutely fun!

For native Australian foodstuffs, emu and kangaroo meat are a bit unusual and can only be found at the high-end fine dining restaurants. Mouth-watering kangaroo steaks however are available at the Napier Hotel for around $20, or at the Edinburgh Castle pub for around $10.

Melbourne CBD has a couple or more Cajun or Creole restaurants and a few American style diners. A number of Spanish, Argentinian, Burmese and Polish restaurants can also be found in the Richmond, Collingwood and Prahran areas. Several Korean restaurants are also available within the city centre while items like Southern-style barbecue and clam chowder are almost impossible to find.

Explore the vast culinary choices of Melbourne CBD. Just don’t forget to give customary tips for excellent food and customer service.